Objectives and Activities


The principal goals of the Sangam are to propagate and promote Tamil language and literature, and the works of the esteemed Poet Subramania Bharatiyar in Calcutta. In addition, the Sangham offers Tamil language classes to Tamil children residing in Calcutta and to non-Tamil individuals interested in learning the language.

Bharati Tamil Sangam actively publishes and translates noteworthy Tamil literary works into various languages. With more than 25 books published in languages including Tamil, English, Hindi, Bengali, and Marathi, it fosters dialogue between Tamil scholars and writers of other languages, promoting national integration. Works by distinguished authors such as S. Krishnamoorthy, Dr. Renganayaki Mahapatra, Dr. P. Bhanumathi, Bhuvana Natarajan, Dr. R. Nakkeerar, among others, have been launched at Sangam events.

The Sangam also acknowledges and honours Tamil and other linguistic scholars across the country, nurturing the spread of love, peace, and societal values. Regular seminars and literary meetings commemorate influential writers and scholars. The ‘Sadhanai Tamizar’ or ‘The Tamil Achiever Award’ is a unique annual program that acknowledges numerous Tamil scholars and contributors.

Facilities and Services


Bharati Tamil Sangam houses a rich library with a collection of over 5000 Tamil literary works. Beyond Tamil classes, the Sangam also provides Hindi and Bengali language instruction for Tamils. Additionally, the Sangam operates an Education Trust, supporting needy children by offering scholarships and uniforms. In a leading capacity, Bharati Tamil Sangam has renamed Lake Road to Kavi Bharati Sarani in West Bengal and installed Bharati’s statue at Vivekananda Park.

Cultural Events and Collaborations

The Sangam’s flagship event is the grand ‘Pongal vizha’ celebration, which unites all Tamils and South Indian associations under one forum. The event features dances and songs from across India, showcasing our nation’s ‘Unity in Diversity.’ Traditional folk performances like ‘Karagaattam’ by artists from the Tamil Nadu Government are a regular feature at the Pongal celebrations. 

Bharati Tamil Sangam maintains partnerships with Central Sahitya Academy, Jadavpur, Rabindra Bharati, and Calcutta Universities, aiding them in Tamil-related activities. The Sangam also operates a branch in Brahmapur, home to many Tamils.